Max Ambrogio

Creative Technology

Hi There - I'm Max Ambrogio, a Creative Technologist based in Atlanta.

I'm well-versed in HTML, SASS and Javascript, which I use to design and create intricate websites for personal and professional use. With an extensive background in videography and motion graphics, I continue to explore new passions like 3D modeling and rendering in Cinema 4D and Blender

After exploring the film industry for a few years, I switched my interests to the forever-evolving field of creative technology. Years in the film industry lead to the evolution of my skill set; filming and editing eventually evolved into motion graphics, rendering and 3D design. Armed with those skills, a previous digital marketing agency job, and a knack for freelancing, I dove headfirst into Creative Technology.

When I'm not troubleshooting code or rendering visuals, you can find me biking around Atlanta, checking out local farmers markets, or slowly losing my mind playing a variety of F.P.S. games on my PC. I'm also an avid soccer player and get great joy in playing on my sub-par rec team.

Web Development

Using HTML, SASS, Javascript and React, I create engaging and responsive websites. I combine my proficiency in front end development with a knowledge of user experience to develop original sites, including E-Commerce, brand, business and more.

Creative Tech

Beginning with extensive research, I use a combination of technology and design to effectively solve problems. My strategic technical skills change code and inputs into creative solutions that enhance original ideas.

3D Rendering

My background in music and event videography eventually lead me to dive into 3D renderings and motion graphics. Using Blender and Cinema 4D, I have hand-crafted a variety of renderings for engineering and creative modeling, 3D printing and music production.

Video Production

Welcome to my bread and butter. For years, I've created various professional, high quality videos for numerous industries. My background in After Effects and Premiere make me your go-to guy for anything film.